We at Pohlen Solar remain your partner even after your solar energy system has been constructed. We will gladly take over the complete operations management of your system from A-Z:

  • provision monitoring

  • operator liability insurance and electrical insurance (exclusive insurance concept in cooperation with Allianz Climate Solutions GmbH)

  • extension of guarantee

  • inspection and maintenance of rooftops

  • supervision and service

  • maintenance of electrical installations and power inverters

  • maintenance of substructure


Pohlen Solar GmbH 

Am Pannhaus 2-10
52511 Geilenkirchen

technical operations management

Herr Schwarz - technical coordination
phone: +49 2451 6203-52
email: o.schwarz@pohlen-solar.de 

Herr Kollosch – system supervision and web portal
phone: +49 2451 6203-637
email: b.kollosch@pohlen-solar.de 

Herr Lüttgens - service coordinator
phone: +49 2451 6203-640
email: v.luettgens@pohlen-solar.de

commercial operations management

Frau Ringel - controlling department
phone: +49 2451 6203-12
email: c.ringel@pohlen-solar.de



Customer Portal

Here you can find the link to the Pohlen Solar monitoring customer portal: